#5: Reverse auction

Business Idea #5

User story:

As a seller, I want to advertise my products in a way that prices decreases through time so I can create a sense of urgency for buyers to buy them, even when there is just a few people interested.


 In a conventional auction, if there are just a few people interested in your product, probably it will be sold just above the reserve price. So, how about allow sellers to maximize the final prices when listing products in website such as Ebay, Trademe or MercadoLivre?


Providing an online website in which sellers can advertise products in a manner less dependent of volume of interested potential buyers.


A website that implements the reverse auction, where prices decreases through time creating a sense of urgency to buyers and that is not so dependent of number of potential buyers interested in a specific item.

Who we are:

This idea is one of the 50 business ideas that I would implement if I had time.

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