#30: Fake live webinars

Business Idea #30

User story:

As an entrepreneur or freelancer I want to offer live webinars but without the pressure or technical failures.


In order to attract audience or even to provide your services, you need to conduct webinars (i.e seminars over the internet). Sometimes, due to hassles, pressure or technical failures, our webinars are not so good in terms of engaging or clarifying doubts. 

What if there was a service where you can pre-record your webinars and offer them like they are running live/real time.


Offering pre-recorded webinars like they are running live.


Online platform that allows people or business to offer pre-recorded webinars pretending they are running live.

Who we are:

This idea is one of the 50 business ideas that I would implement if I had time.

Arthur Valle, PhD
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