#38: Chatbot to assist people/companies to solve problems

Business Idea #38

User story:

As a professional (or a company) I want to "talk to" a chatbot that will assist me to solve my problems by identifying its root causes so I can address such causes and get my problem solved.


Most of people think that to solve a problem they need to find a solution. In fact, they need to identify the root cause(s) and only after that, to find a solution to eliminate such causes. 

What if there was a chatbot that helps people to identify the root cause of a problem and help them to find a solution to eliminate such cause?


Asking the right questions and providing valuable insights about how to identify and address the root cause(s) of a problem.


 A website comprising a chatbot that enables people to identify root cause of problem(s) and address them in order to solve problems.

Who we are:

This idea is one of the 50 business ideas that I would implement if I had time.

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