#39: An online platform for executing Quality Management system

Business Idea #39

User story:

As a company holding or pursuing ISO9000 certificate, I want to minimize the time/effort to define ISO-compliant processes so I can dedicate the time to perform them.


The time spent to define ISO-compliant processes does not add value for your company.
What really counts is when you are performing your processes and they were tailored to the company's context. 

What if there was an online quality management system (i.e platform) where companies can tailor some pre-existing processes to their needs and start to perform them in such quality management system platform.


 Adapting and performing ISO9000 compliant process in an online quality management system/platform.


Online quality management platform where companies can tailor and perform ISO9000-compliant processes.

Who we are:

This idea is one of the 50 business ideas that I would implement if I had time.

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