#42: Exchange currency leftovers

Business Idea #42

User story:

As a traveler, I want to exchange the money that I have not used (i.e leftovers) so I can convert it back to my own currency.


Sometimes we exchange a lot of cash for travelling abroad. In many cases, due to increasing easiness of using credit cards, we spend less cash than we expect and eventually we ended up with many leftovers in our wallets. 

What if there was a service where travelers can convert it back to the original currency?


Providing an online platform where travelers can request currency conversion by sending cash to a mail address and receiving it back in a given bank account, but converted to the chosen currency.


A website for travelers to convert back leftover cash to a specific currency.

Who we are:

This idea is one of the 50 business ideas that I would implement if I had time.

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