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8.00% in Emerging Markets Equities

Holder of companies´ shares from countries such as South Korea, China, Mexico and Brazil.

Selected asset: NZX´s Smartshares Emerging Markets Equities ESG ETF (EMG).

Rationale: Low fee (0.59% per year) NZX´s ETF that is designed to track the return on the MSCI EM IMI ESG Screened Index.

32.00% in Australian Equities

Shareholder of 200 companies from Australia.

Selected asset: NZX´s Smartshares S&P/ASX 200 ETF (AUS).

Rationale: Low fee (0.30% per year) NZX´s ETF that is designed to track the return on the S&P/ASX 200 Index (in NZD).

40.00% in Developed Markets Equities

Holder of companies´ shares from countries such as United States, Japan, UK, Germany, etc.

Selected asset: Investnow´s Vanguard International Shares Select Exclusions Index Fund.

Justification: Low fee (0.20% per year) Vanguard´s fund that is designed to track the return of the MSCI World ex Australia, ex Tobacco, ex Controversial Weapons, ex Nuclear Weapons (with net dividends reinvested).

20.00% in New Zealand Equities

 Shareholder of 50 companies in New Zealand.

Selected asset: NZX´s Smartshares S&P/NZX 50 ETF (NZG) and Harbour NZ Index Shares Fund

Justification: Low fee (0.20% per year) ETF (or passive fund) that is designed to track the return on the S&P/NZX 50 Index (or S&P/NZX Portfolio Index)


The graph shows the returns of the portfolio since Jun/2019, comparing the portfolio growth (in blue) with 4 NZX's Smartshares ETFs (that forms our benchmark) in orange.Average since Jun/2019 = 10.89% per annum
Portfolio's Annual Returns:2019: 4.94% (second semester) 2020: 15.42%2021: 12.43%2022: -10.42% 2023: 14.37%2024: 8.585% (as of 31 March)


Annualised return: 12.64% per annum (2016-2023)
The graph shows the last 5 years, comparing the portfolio's return (carteira, in yellow) with iBovespa and IFIX (the Brazilian Stock Exchange's main indices), in red and in black.
Portfolio's annual returns: 2016: 20.48% 2017: 14.01% 2018: 10.82% 2019: 30.82% 2020: 5.66% 2021: 9.14% 2022: -4.85% 2023: 15.57%2024: 4.78% (as on 02 April)




Identify your needs.

  • Would you like to learn how to create your (passive) investment portfolio?
  • Would you like to learn how to review your current investment portfolio?
  • Would you like to learn how to optimize your passive investment portfolio?
  • Do you want to receive orientation about which financial assets to buy (or sell), and when?

Hire the desired training

Hire the services you want directly on our platform. You will inform your needs, your details and will create an account on the platform in addition to configuring the payment information.

The training is provided.

Once payment is confirmed, we will contact you to provide the contract service.
If the service is a monthly subscription, you will receive the information according to your request.


New portfolio creation

  • In this service, we understand your profile as an investor and your investment goals before delivering you a training session. As a customer, you will validate whether our identification of your profile and goals really represents you and your expectations.
  • In the sequence, we will train you on how to create, review and optimize your investment porfolio including teaching you how to select the financial assets and the allocation percentages in each one of them. 
  • Once this is done, you will be able to buy, in the defined proportions, the financial assets that  compose your portfolio.
  • If you wish, we can accompany this last step to ensure that buying assets is made according to your goals and the guidelines given.

Existing portfolio review

  • In this service, we teach you on how to evaluate your current portfolio with the perspective to migrate it to a passive investment portfolio.
  • The remaining steps are similar to the steps of creating a new passive portfolio.
  • If you wish, we can provide guidance for you to sell your previous positions and replace them with new positions.

Portfolio Optimization

In this service, we analyze your current portfolio in order to teach you how to optimize it, for example by simplifying assets and/or reallocating the proportions between assets (or asset classes).


A. It is company that offers training concerning a passive investment management: investors do not try to "beat the market" by buying (and selling) specific assets. Instead, they should have a diversified ETF-based portfolio that performs in line to the market average. Our clients can hire two services:
-training for the creation, review or optimization of investment portfolios or
-monthly subscription with orientations for buying (or selling) assets in order to re-balance the portfolio or adapt it to current and future market conditions.

Why hire TRENDSET?
A. To learn and implement a passive investment management strategy, through a well diversified portfolio, with controllable risk and based on historical data, statistical forecast and other studies.

How are the trainings provided?
A. Online (i.e remotely, over the Internet).

Who provides the trainings?
A. A professional with 23+ years of experience and with high academic qualifications (doctorate, master's and postgraduate), founder of TRENDSET in 2000 and investor since 2016.

Does TRENDSET have access to my capital or investments?
A. No. The investments are made directly by you via the banks and brokers of your choice.

Is there any risk of investing passively?
A. Yes, there are risks inherent to the market, both in fixed and variable income. Remember, past returns are no guarantee of future returns.

Can I cancel my subscription?
A. Yes, you can. Just contact us.

What if I am not satisfied with the services?
A. No problem. You can cancel and request a refund proportional to what was not properly provided.



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